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Disinformation Warfare – Attribution makes you Wannacry

May 16, 2017

After the Wannacry malware wreaked havoc in networks, ticket vending machines, companies, and hospitals the clean-up has begun. This also means that the blame game has started. The first round of blame was distributed between Microsoft and the alleged inspiration for the code. The stance on vulnerabilities of security researchers is quite clear. Weaknesses in […]

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Wannacry, Code Red, and „Cyber“ Warfare

May 14, 2017

Society and businesses increasingly rely on networked infrastructure. This is not news. Worms that used networks to spread to new hosts in order to infect them is also not news. Code Red did this back in 2001. There is a new worm going around. Its name is Wannacry, and it is allegedly based on published […]

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DeepSec welcomes SEC Consult as Sponsor for 2017!

May 12, 2017

Testing products, production code, security measures, or the overall security of infrastructure is hard work. The typical needs in term of information technology for a company or an organisation has become a variety of components that need to be maintained and hardened against attacks. The devil is in the details. In order to find critical […]

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DeepSec welcomes Digital Guardian as Sponsor for 2017

May 11, 2017

No event can be done with supporters, and so we welcome Digital Guardian as sponsor for the upcoming DeepSec 2017 conference! If you have data in your organisation, then you might be interested in talking to Digital Guardian’s experts, because they know a lot about what data does, where it lives, what endpoints really are, […]

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Call for Papers: 1st Reversing and Offensive-Oriented Trends Symposium (ROOTs) 2017

May 1, 2017

ROOTs 2017 The first Reversing and Offensive-Oriented Trends Symposium (ROOTs) 2017 opens its call for papers. ROOTs is the first European symposium of its kind. ROOTS aims to provide an industry-friendly academic platform to discuss trends in exploitation, reversing, offensive techniques, and effective protections. Submissions should provide novel attack forms, describe novel reversing techniques or […]

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