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Native Code Protection and Security

June 24, 2010

The Mozilla vice president of products announced that Firefox doesn’t need to run native code anymore when it comes to plugins. The idea is called crash protection for it aims to keep the web browser alive when a plugin fails to run correctly. At the same time the magical words about the future being in […]

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Call for Papers – Reminder

June 19, 2010

Our Call for Papers is still running until 31 July 2010. We already have some very interesting talk and workshop submissions. Two experts cover the black magic of the last mile and network backbones. Clearly this is critical infrastructure and is often neglected when implementing security measures. Few administrators put their firewalls in front of […]

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Hello, Internet!

June 4, 2010

The DeepSec organisation team has started their own blog! We try to publish some information around our conference and about all things related to security (or simply everything related to broken things). Stay tuned!

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