Vacation 2.0 and its Disadvantages

René Pfeiffer/ September 14, 2010/ Security

Imagine you are the CEO of a small company. You have some days off. You relax, buy a newspaper and have a coffee. After browsing through the news and financial section you stumble upon a full-page advertising of your own company. The text reads: Dear world, our office is completely deserted. No one’s working at the moment. The rooms are completely unattended. No one will pick up the phone. Only the security guards will walk by and superficially check the door handles. Although the doors are tightly locked and the windows are (probably) closed, you can be sure that no one will enter the office space until INSERT_DATE. So if you want to try picking our locks and rearranging the furniture, feel free. You can take what you want. The coffee machine is plugged

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DeepSec conference focuses on the precarious security situation in the world-wide mobile phone network

René Pfeiffer/ September 7, 2010/ Press

DeepSec 2010 features 33 talks and 8 workshops by international experts Vienna, 31 August 2010. The international security conference DeepSec brings together the world’s elite in network security and hacking in Vienna from 23 to 26 November 2010. This year, the conference focuses on the security of mobile systems and their users, as well as on the next-generation infrastructure. IT and security companies, users, officials, researchers and the hacker community have the opportunity to take part in the conference with 33 talks and 8 workshops scheduled this year. “We are happy to offer for the fourth time so many experts the chance to exchange ideas and experiences on the most important security issues of everyday IT work in our modern days”, says René Pfeiffer, organiser of DeepSec. Live attacks on iPhone through a weak

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