27C3 and Misunderstandings about Security

René Pfeiffer/ December 27, 2010/ Conference, Security

We’ve hooked a computer to the video stream of the 27C3 conference. Currently we’re listening to the keynote speech which touches a relevant topic for security issue. Are you happy or are you unhappy? It sounds a bit strange, but usually happy people have nothing to worry about. So in turn it does make sense not to worry people. The examples given in the keynote were electronic voting machines. The process of selecting a government by anonymous voting is a cornerstone of democracies. This is exactly why electronic voting must not happen through black boxes. India has already threatened (and arrested) security researchers who analyse the security of the voting machines used in the country. Electronic voting is only one example. Another one is the publication about the broken chip and PIN design of

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Conference aftermath, slides and more

René Pfeiffer/ December 16, 2010/ Administrivia

We have been busy dealing with the aftermath of the conference. This has been mainly collecting the presentation materials and preparing the speaker reimbursements. We aim to get as much done as possible in December. So far there haven’t been any nasty suprises or delays. Some of you have asked for the slides of the talks. The speakers gave us more than two thirds of the material yet. We’re still collecting and reminding. We have planned to publish the whole collection (including the archives from DeepSec 2007, 2008 and 2009) in February 2011 along with our new web site. There’s too much cruft in our web tubes to handle this differently. If you really want the documents in advance, let’s say for your long and boring Winter evenings, then drop us a few lines

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