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The Antivirus-Virus Conundrum

February 15, 2011

Last week the EU’s statistics office published statistical data about the state of anti-virus protection and virus infections. According to the figures nearly a third of Europe’s PCs carry some kind of malware. Although it is difficult to assess the accuracy or methods of studies, this figure is hardly surprising. Anyone who has ever dealt […]

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The Networks as Tool and Target at the same time

February 4, 2011

Unless you have been without access to the Internet, mobile network(s) and independent media you’ve probably followed the events in Egypt. The shutdown of the Internet throughout the country was an unprecedented move. It took some people by surprise, but anyone with a decent knowledge of routing protocols knew what was going on. There was […]

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Mind2Mind Event I/2011 – „Wir werden Sie belauschen!“

February 3, 2011

Wir beginnen im März mit der ersten Mind2Mind Veranstaltung. Es handelt sich dabei um lokale Events in Wien, bei der wir ein bestimmtes Thema mit Bezug auf Sicherheit miteinander und gegeneinander diskutieren möchten. Der erste Mind2Mind Vortrag handelt um alltäglichen Lauschangriff, den viele unterschätzen: Der elektronische Lauschangriff ist nicht nur ein Instrument von Behörden oder […]

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