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Security in Serious Fun

August 30, 2012

In case you keep track of our tweets, you may have noticed that we approach the topic of security humorously sometimes, and because there is a lot of potential for misunderstanding we’d like to explain why we do this. It’s not all about who scores the best puns. It has a serious background, and it […]

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DeepSec 2012 Schedule

August 28, 2012

The schedule for DeepSec 2012 is mostly stable (YMMV applies). We are still working on some content and will update the description. So this is the right time for you to take advantage of the early bird rates. We will describe every single workshop and presentation in our blog with an article because we want […]

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Take-Away Security Tools Probably Aren’t

August 27, 2012

You have probably read one of the many reviews of security tools published in the depths of the Internet. A lot of magazines feature articles with the headline „Top n Tools for $TASK“. While reviews are a nice way of being introduced to new things, especially tools and software, you have to be careful when […]

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Wireless (Wi-Fi) Security Interview

August 20, 2012

Today we had a visit from an Austrian television crew to answer some short questions about wireless security. It’s too bad that journalists always look for „hackers“ who „hack something“. While we had no idea what they were talking about, we delivered a short summary of wireless security. For most of you this is old […]

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A Word about Conference Conduct

August 7, 2012

You have probably been to conferences, and might even have seen hackers in the wild attending events. When it comes to events where IT security is discussed, everyone needs a friendly atmosphere so you can trust the people you meet. The DeepSec conference aims to be a place where these criteria are met. We want […]

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All Your Clouds are to Belong to Whom?

August 5, 2012

There are probably less than 5 persons on this planet who know what cloud computing really means. The figure might be exaggerated, but while enterprises, consultants and vendors try to figure out the best cloud for their business model the attackers already take advantage of cloud infrastructure. Let’s disregard climate dependencies and extraordinary political environments […]

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