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DeepSec 2012 Talk: When I Grow up I want to be a Cyberterrorist

November 25, 2012

We have asked Mike Kemp to give an overview of what to expect from his talk When I Grow up I want to be a Cyberterrorist: Terrorism is not big. It is not clever. It is definitely not funny (unless it involves pies in the face). It can however (like so much in life), be […]

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Using untrusted Network Environments

November 15, 2012

We mentioned on Twitter that DeepSec 2012 will again feature an open wireless network. This means that there will be no barriers when connecting to the Internet – no passwords, no login, no authentication and no encryption. Some of us are used to operate in untrusted environments, most others aren’t. So the tricky part is […]

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DeepSec 2012 Talk: A Non-Attribution-Dilemma and its Impact on legal Regulation of Cyberwar

November 14, 2012

We asked Michael Niekamp and Florian Grunert to give an outlook on their presentation titled A Non-Attribution-Dilemma and its Impact on Legal Regulation of Cyberwar: A general challenge of cyberwar lies in the field of legal regulation under conditions of non-attribution. The optimistic view emphasizes that our international law and its underlying standards are sufficient […]

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DeepSec 2012 Showcase: Cuteforce Analyzer

November 13, 2012

The University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria will be showing the Cuteforce Analyzer at DeepSec 2012. This beast is a massively parallel computing cluster for cryptographic applications. The goals of this project was to develop a cluster framework and to evaluate suitable hardware. The cluster itself utilises two different types of co-processors, namely the well-known […]

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Conference seats are running low…

November 8, 2012

Honestly: We have such a big interest this year, which is beyond any expectations that we might need to close our ticket sales one or two weeks before the conference. If the trend continues like past years we will exceed the capacity for the conference rooms and the restaurant.We are negotiating with the hotel and […]

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DeepSec 2012 Talk: Pentesting iOS Apps – Runtime Analysis and Manipulation

November 8, 2012

Since one of the focus topics of DeepSec 2012 deals with mobile computing and devices, we asked Andreas Kurtz to elaborate on his presentation about pentesting iOS apps: „Apple’s iPhone and iPad are quite trendy consumer devices, and have become increasingly popular even in enterprises nowadays. Apps, downloaded from the AppStore or developed in-house, are […]

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Alien Technology in our Datacenters

November 5, 2012

Sometimes when I watch administrators at work, especially when I start to ask questions, I get an uneasy feeling: “this is not right”. As it turns out many of the people who maintain, manage and configure IT or communication equipment don’t understand the technology they are using. At least not in depth. Mostly they have […]

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Talk about Data Loss Prevention

November 5, 2012

We will be presenting a talk about data loss prevention (DLP) on 9 November 2012 at the IT-Security Community Xchange 2012 (IT-SecX 2012) in St. Pölten, Lower Austria. DLP is a good example for measuring the security of your IT infrastructure. Keeping data in is as important as keeping attackers out these days. The tricky […]

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DeepSec 2012 Training: SAP Security In-Depth

November 2, 2012

Your SAP installation is probably the most critical system in your company’s infrastructure. At the same time the informations accessed and processed by SAP systems origin from many sources. Securing infrastructure with this complexity is not an easy task, and testing your security measures requires a great deal of knowledge and training. In addition your […]

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DeepSec 2012 Talk: Wargames in the Fifth Domain

November 2, 2012

We asked Karin Kosina to illustrate her talk Wargames in the Fifth Domain: “This is a pre-9/11 moment. The attackers are plotting.” These are the words of U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta addressing business executives on the dangers of cyberwar two weeks ago in New York. And just in case this did not leave […]

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