Call for Papers Security BSides London 2013

René Pfeiffer/ December 25, 2012/ Conference

This is a gentle reminder that the Call for Papers for Security BSides London still runs until January 5th 2013. If you got some extra time during the boring Christmas days or right after New Year’s Eve, then you should submit. Show us how you break or fix something! And if you have never presented before, you should definitely take a look at the Rookie Track. BSides London actively supports speakers with little or no experience on stage. Submit a talk, get a mentor, prepare and tell us what you have found! See you in London!

DeepSec 2012 Articles and Slides

René Pfeiffer/ December 20, 2012/ Conference, Press

We have collected links to articles covering DeepSec 2012. If we missed one, please let us know. Arron Finnon’s Report on the DeepSEC Conference “Breaking SAP Portal” by Alexander Polyakov DeepSec 2012: Insecurity? It’s just a matter of time (in German) DeepSec 2012: IT-Sicherheitskonferenz in Wien (in German) DeepSec 2012: Services of cyber crime and cyber weapons in the Cloud (in German) DeepSec 2012: Wargames in the Fifth Domain (in German) DeepSec 2012: When I Grow up I want to be a Cyberterrorist (in German) “Malware Analysis on a shoestring budget” commented by Michael Boman The Evolution of e-Money (by Jon Matonis) SAP Slapping (by Dave Hartley) Sicherheitschecks von iPhone-Apps für fast jeden möglich (in German) Übernahme des Hypervisors über ein Gastsystem (in German) The slides of DeepSec 2012 can be found for download

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DeepINTEL 2013 Call for Papers is open!

René Pfeiffer/ December 13, 2012/ Administrivia, Security Intelligence

During the opening of DeepSec 2012 we announced that there will be a second DeepINTEL seminar taking place in Summer 2013. We have successfully explored topics of security intelligence and strategic security at the past seminar. We wish to continue and ask you to send us submissions for presentations by e-mail. DeepINTEL is a single track two day event addresses mainly critical infrastructure, state organizations (administrative and law enforcement), accredited CERTs, finance organizations and trusted parties and organizations with a strong relation or partnership to the aforementioned. Due to the sensitive topics and the nature of the participants and speakers we will have a vetting process for participants. We’d like to know our audience, so that we all can talk freely and openly during the event. In addition there will be no recordings published

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Apology – “Bad Things in Good Packages”

René Pfeiffer/ December 11, 2012/ Administrivia, Conference

We’re almost back to daily routine after having a wonderful DeepSec 2012. Given the feedback from speakers and attendees they loved the atmosphere at the conference and at the hotel. We are happy to hear about this and keep an open ear for further comments on your DeepSec experience. However, things can go wrong and they often will. There’s no way around this as every organisation team will confirm. Most of the problems were dealt with by our own damage control teams at the conference. There’s one issue that we wish to discuss openly. We received complaints via Twitter about the slides of the talk „Bad Things in Good Packages – Creative Exploit Delivery“ published by the speaker on Slideshare on 30 November 2012. The complaint was about the offensive portrayal of women. The

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DeepSec supports Security B-Sides London 2013

René Pfeiffer/ December 11, 2012/ Conference

We are happy to announce that we will support the Security B-Sides London 2013! Specifically we support the BSides London “Rookie Track”, and we offer a ticket for DeepSec 2013 including two nights at the conference hotel in Vienna. There’s also a special arrangement covering a flight to Vienna and back. We believe in new ideas and new perspectives. That’s why we offer special slots at our conference for young security researchers (the U21 category marked in our CfP form). We will be present during the “Rookie Track” talks during BSides London. DeepSec wishes to encourage any kind of security research by supporting curious and talented researchers. Never having presented results in public should be no reason not to share them with all of us. We believe that the idea of having mentors and

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