The Risk of faulty Metrics and Statistics

René Pfeiffer/ March 24, 2013/ Discussion, Security

It’s never a bad idea to see what the outside world looks like. If you intend to go for a walk, you will probably consult the weather report in advance. If you plan to invest money (either for fun or for savings), you will most certainly gather information about the risks involved. There are a lot of reports out there about the IT security landscape, too. While there is nothing wrong with reading reports, you must know what you read, how the data was procured and how it was processed. Not everything that talks percentages or numbers has anything to do with statistics. Let’s talk about metrics by using an example. Imagine an Internet service provider introduced a „real-time map of Cyber attacks“. The map would show attacks to their „honeypot“ systems at 90

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Post-Crypto in a Pre-APT World

René Pfeiffer/ March 2, 2013/ High Entropy, Security Intelligence

There was a Cryptographers’ Panel session at the RSA Conference with Adi Shamir of the Weizmann Institute of Science, Ron Rivest of MIT, Dan Boneh of Stanford University, Whitfield Diffie of ICANN and Ari Juels of RSA Labs. You have probably read Adi Shamir’s statement about implementing (IT) security in a „post-crypto“ world. He claimed that cryptography would become less important for defending computer systems and that security experts have to rethink how to protect valuable information in the light of sophisticated Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). „Highly secured“ Infrastructure has been compromised despite „state of the art” defence mechanisms. So what does rethinking really mean? Do we have to start from scratch? Should we abandon everything we use today and come up with a magic bullet (or a vest more appropriately)? Our first implication

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