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Thanks for attending DeepSec 2015!

November 20, 2015

DeepSec 2015 is over. We had a fantastic time, great presentations, lots of conversations about the state of information security, and many other issues. You can do a lot more when you are not lost in a big crowd, not being able to connect to speakers, sponsors, and fellow IT security enthusiasts. A big thank […]

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Terrorism – No Time for Backdoors

November 18, 2015

Every successful project needs proper planning and a good project management. You know this from your business life, probably. Projects can’t be done without tools for communication. We all use these day by day. Email, telephone, collaboration platforms, social media, instant messengers, and more software is readily available. Access to communication tools has spread. Exchanging […]

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Thanks to SEC Consult for sponsoring DeepSec 2015!

November 9, 2015

The Austrian SEC Consult is an international leader in application security services and information security consultancy. SEC Consult’s competence in improving the application security of enterprise applications supports major international banks, government organizations and global software vendors. When it comes to information security, it doesn’t get any more in-depth than that. SEC Consult has supported […]

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Endangered Species: Full Disclosure in Information Security

November 6, 2015

History, fictive or real, is full of situations where doubts meet claims. Nearly every invention, every product will be eyed critically, analysed, and tested. There are even whole magazines fully dedicated to this sport, be it for example, consumer protection, reviews of computer games or the car of the year. When it comes to testing […]

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Debugging Information Security: Self Defence for Entrepreneurs

November 5, 2015

In our economy data leaks are a constant companion. That’s the impression one gets when reading the news. Customer portals, online shops, digital communications, plans of products, personnel data, and more can be found in department stores throughout the shadow economy. Blind faith in global networks has indeed suffered in recent years, but companies and […]

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DeepSec 2015 Talk: Bridging the Air-Gap: Data Exfiltration from Air-Gap Networks – Mordechai Guri & Yisroel Mirsky

November 4, 2015

Air does not conduct electricity, usually. Using air gaps between parts transporting electric power by high voltages is a standard method in electrical engineering. Similar strategies are used in information security. Compartmentalisation can be done by network components, logical/physical separation, solid walls, and space filled with air. The only threat you have to worry about […]

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