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DeepSec 2016 Call for Papers is officially open!

April 15, 2016

DeepSec 2016 is coming! We have set up the Call for Paper manager to accept your submissions for talks and workshops. Keep the „cyber“ distractions low, maximise content. DeepSec is all about hard facts and solid research. The Internet of Stuff/Things has gained momentum. Given the current IoT security designs, this technology will keep security […]

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Thoughts on Lawful Malicious Software and its Impact on IT Infrastructure

April 14, 2016

During the premiere of „A Good American“ we had a chat with journalists. Markus Sulzbacher of Der Standard wanted to know what the implication of the so-called Bundestrojaner (litterally federal trojan, the colloquial German term for the concept of inserting government malware in order to extract information from a suspect’s computer and telephone devices). The […]

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Return of the Penguin Challenge – ELF (?) Binary (?)

April 5, 2016

Our friends from BSidesLondon have set up a challenge for you. It’s a little ELF binary with some odd properties. That’s all we will tell you. Have a look for yourself. In case you are forensically inclined, we might have a little Call for Papers email for you. There is a lot of strange code […]

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FBI, NSA, DoD and CDC join forces to combat Cyber Pathogens

April 1, 2016

The world economy is threatened by a new strain of microorganisms. These so-called cyber pathogens spread via networks and the touch of digital devices. They can also lie dormant for days and months, only to spring to life when the victim’s immune system is at its weakest point. It is widely believed that cyber pathogens […]

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