Early Birds, save the Date! BSidesVienna has opened the Call for Papers!

René Pfeiffer/ June 24, 2016/ Call for Papers, Conference

Grab your calendars, you have to be in Vienna on 12 November 2016! BSidesVienna is accepting your submissions for an awesome community conference. The range of topics is wide, so don’t ask yourself “Is this interesting or not?” – just submit and come to Vienna in November! While you are preparing your submission, you might want to make some extra space in your calendar for DeepSec 2016. The submission we got so far look great. Crypto, the Internet of Stuff (IoT), exploit labs, pentesting training, and more waits for you. Make sure you get the Early Bird prices for your tickets!

DeepSec welcomes Google as Sponsor for the next Conference

René Pfeiffer/ June 18, 2016/ Administrivia, Conference

We are proud and happy to announce Google as sponsor for DeepSec 2016! Google has been a supporter of DeepSec in the past. While we may not need to introduce Google to you, we would like to point out that they have a very capable security team and that members of their researchers have held presentations at DeepSec conferences. Google staff is often around, so take the advantage and talk to them.

DeepSec welcomes SEC4YOU as Conference Sponsor!

René Pfeiffer/ June 17, 2016/ Conference

DeepSec would not be possible without the support from sponsors. So we welcome SEC4YOU as sponsor for the next DeepSec 2016! SEC4YOU offers services regarding advanced auditing, penetration testing, and vendor-agnostic IT security consulting. SEC4YOU experts support your team when it comes to test and to implement security measures. Especially when it comes to compliance requirements, you will need assistance to make sure that nothing goes wrong. SEC4YOU’s portfolio covers IT security analysis (dealing with risks and threats to your organisation), auditing, ISO 27001 certification (with or without BSI standards), creation of security policies, risk management, information security management system (ISMS), internal government and revision processes. Their experts are well-versed with clients from internal auditing, accounting/controlling, information technology, data protection, risk/compliance management, and information security. Plus they like hackers! Make sure you have a

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DeepSec 2015 Slides: Bridging the Air-Gap – Data Exfiltration from Air-Gap Networks! Much Slides! Very Animated! Wow!

Sanna/ June 13, 2016/ Conference, Security

The presentation titled Bridging the Air-Gap – Data Exfiltration from Air-Gap Networks was held at DeepSec 2015. Since the presentation format was not meant to be printed or viewed with generic documents viewers, the slide deck had to be converted. The slides in PDF format can be downloaded from this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_dwBl7uf6PdRndDa1Rad1dMdFk/view?usp=sharing For an animated version of the slides, use one of these links: http://prezi.com/mrzzjpzgvcr8/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy or in short http://goo.gl/mpCNWC Mind the gap and enjoy!

DeepINTEL 2016 – Save the Date for Security Intelligence

René Pfeiffer/ June 12, 2016/ Administrivia, Security Intelligence

Analysing threat intelligence hasn’t been more important. We all know that bad things will happen. That’s not the issue to worry about. You should spend some thoughts on why something happens, what methods are involved, and what your adversaries look like on the inside. Defending your assets is much more than using a fence, some doors, and badges for your employees. We would like to welcome you to DeepINTEL to discuss security intelligence in-depth. The DeepINTEL 2016 has been moved. Save the new date; DeepINTEL will take place on 20/21 September. The location hasn’t changed, and good weather has been ordered. Make sure you order your tickets!

BSidesLND2016 Rookie Track Review

René Pfeiffer/ June 11, 2016/ Discussion, Security, Stories

Sitting through the Rookie Track at BSidesLondon is something we really enjoy. This year the quality of the presentations was amazing. Of course, the rookie’s mentors take a part of the blame for that. Good training gives you always a head start. Nevertheless someone has to stand in front of the crowd and fill the 15 minutes slot with content. All rookies did a good job. It was hard to pick a clear winner. The jury took more than three iterations to find a conclusion. Locard made it, and we welcome him to DeepSec 2016 in November. Honourable mentions go to @Shlibness, @Oxana_Sereda and @callygarr. For you we have some thoughts on the presentations we saw and on the methods being used. Think of your presentation as code. Make it lean and mean. It’s

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BSides London 2016 – Schedule

René Pfeiffer/ June 4, 2016/ Conference, Security

In case you haven’t noticed, the London BSides schedule is up. The Rookie track starts right with the most important part of information security – opsec. Behaviour is on a par with expensive security hardware and your favourite protection software. Wearables, video games, hidden data, malware mythbusting, and more follow next. The main schedule features presentations about the impact of TOR/I2P traffic to your servers (think or best forget about CloudFlare), methods used by options advanced attackers, attacking Low Powered Wide Area Network (LPWAN) devices used for smart / IoT stuff, malicious software, static code analysis, threat analysis, the temptation of containers, and honey pots. There’s ample of content for everyone looking for new ideas. Don’t miss the opportunity!