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DeepSec 2016 Call for Papers – Reminder – 24h to go!

July 30, 2016

The Call for Papers for the tenth DeepSec conference officially ends in 24 hours. This is a gentle reminder to submit your presentation or your kick-ass workshop.

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OpenPGP.conf is calling for Content

July 30, 2016

If you don’t know what PGP means (or GPG), you should consult your favourite search engine. While it has a bad reputation for its usability, it is a lot more useful than the rumours might suggest (please attend your local CryptoParty chapter for more details). This is why the German Unix Users Group organises an OpenPGP.conf […]

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A Perspective on Code and Components – assert(), don’t assume()

July 21, 2016

Have you ever looked closely at the tools you use on a daily basis? Taking things apart and putting them back together is an integral part of understanding the universe. Scientists do it all of the time (well, at least some do, there are things that can’t be put together easily once taken apart). So […]

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Intelligence on the Silver Screen: A Good American Kickstarter Campaign

July 21, 2016

Surveillance has a bad reputation. No one likes to be watched. Yet infosec researchers, sysadmins, and developers talk a lot about log files. We need to watch stuff for various reasons. You got your mail logs, diagnostic messages, performance metrics, network addresses, and more painstakingly sorted by timestamps and maybe geolocation. Log data is part […]

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Call for Papers – DeepSec 2016 – Reminder

July 15, 2016

The Call for Papers for DeepSec 2016 ends on 31 July 2016. If you have some top content, a new way to break the Internet of Things, a piece of code that lets the director of the FBI sweat (for whatever reasons), then let us know. Basically anything that breaks stuff, melts networks/applications/hardware, or singes […]

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The Internet of Threats revisited

July 14, 2016

Everyone is talking about the Internet of Things. Connecting household applications (yes, applications, appliances is so 1990s) to a network hasn’t been more fun than now. Also measuring things is great. Today most sensors are deployed to generate endless streams of data because we can, not because there is a need for it. And I […]

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