Buy your ticket for 44CON – and go to prison for free!

René Pfeiffer/ August 31, 2016/ Administrivia, Conference, Security

Forget Winter! 44CON is coming! The conference will be 14 to 16 September 2016 in London. The schedule is online. Take a look! This year’s 44CON also features a Capture The Flag (CTF) contest. It is hosted by the UK Ministry of Justice. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, consists of breaking into a prison! 20 teams have announced to participate. Sounds terrific, if you ask us. We will be there as well. So grab a ticket, cross the Channel, and we’ll meet in the lobby or, better yet, at the registration desk. Spread the word!

Information Warfare: “Breaking News” considered harmful

René Pfeiffer/ August 31, 2016/ Discussion, High Entropy

Eight years ago the stocks of UAL took a dive. Apparently a six year old news article resurfaced via Google. Googlebot, which is used to index news sites, confused one of the most popular web articles of The Sun-Sentinel with breaking news. The story contained the words United Airlines Files for Bankruptcy. Unfortunately a software error turned the date of the original story from 10 December 2002 to 6 September 2008. And so this little piece of misinformation due to the time travel caused a lot of havoc with UAL’s stock price. A little misunderstanding. Fortunately it was not a cyber attack, because the word was used rarely back then. Breaking news can break things, hence the name. It happens with data leaks, password leaks/breaches (depending on which side you are), incomplete reports, social

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Transforming Secure Coding into Secure Design

René Pfeiffer/ August 21, 2016/ Discussion, High Entropy, Security

Secure Coding is the way to go when you develop applications for the real world. Rename errors and bugs into failures. Turn #fail to #win. Instant karma. In addition there are lots of best practices, checklists, and documents around that will tell you what to anticipate. However the design of an application precedes the code itself. Given the scope and purpose of your product implementing security at the coding stage might be too late. Let us consider an example. The Internet of Things (IoT) is all around us, especially in the information security news sections. While connecting devices to make one’s life easier isn’t a bad idea (just think about writing this article on a networked device and you reading it! Cool, eh?), the connecting parts and the security design should be sound. Smart

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Preliminary Schedule of DeepSec 2016 – almost done

René Pfeiffer/ August 20, 2016/ Administrivia, Call for Papers, Conference, Schedule

We got over 100 submissions for DeepSec 2016! This is a new record. Consider that we have only room for about 40% of the content. While you may be impatient to hear about the trainings and the talks, please bear with us. We are in the final round of reviews and will have the preliminary schedule ready the day after tomorrow. You will be able to enjoy reading the announcement during your morning coffee break. Promised. To give you a little sneak preview, here are the main topics we will be addressing with the content: cryptography, Internet of Things (IoT), social engineering, threat hunting, the current state of affairs in information security, networking stuff (both wired and wireless), penetration testing, exploit automation, attacking web applications, iOS exploits, physical security, world domination a.k.a. „cyber“ threats,

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DeepSec 2016 – Thank you for all your submissions!

René Pfeiffer/ August 6, 2016/ Conference, Security

The DeepSec Call for Papers closed on 31 July 2016. We are currently reviewing the content. Thank you very much for your participation! The talks and workshops look awesome. We have a hard time deciding what will be part of the schedule and what has to be postponed. For everyone who has missed the deadline, you can  still submit your talk or training. However we will consider all the others first. Prepare for a fantastic DeepSec 2016!