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DeepSec 2018 Talk: Open Source Network Monitoring – Paula de la Hoz Garrido

August 31, 2018

“I’d like to offer an introduction into Network System Monitoring using different open tools available in Linux.”, says Paula. “The talk is a technical approach to identify the best sniffing points in a network and how to orchestrate a full analysis of the content to secure the network, as well as showing ideas of collaborative […]

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DeepSec 2018 Talk: Building your Own WAF as a Service and Forgetting about False Positives – Juan Berner

August 30, 2018

When a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is presented as a defensive solution to web application attacks, there is usually a decision to be made: Will this be placed inline (and risk affecting users due to outages or latency) or will it be placed out of band (not affecting users but not protecting them either). In […]

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DeepSec 2018 Special Training: Bug Hunting Millionaire – Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation

August 29, 2018

How do bugs in software get fixed? Well, first of all you have to find them. All code has bugs. Most probably, that is. Usually developers and users of applications find bugs. The history of information security has taught us that now attackers also look for bugs in software. Therefore flaws in code leading to […]

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DeepSec 2018 Training: Hunting with OSSEC – Xavier Mertens

August 28, 2018

“OSSEC is sometimes described as a low-cost log management solution but it has many interesting features which, when combined with external sources of information, may help in hunting for suspicious activity occurring on your servers and end-points”, says Xavier Mertens, who’s giving a training called “Hunting with OSSEC” at this years DeepSec. “During this training, […]

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DeepSec 2018 Talk: DNS Exfiltration and Out-of-Band Attacks – Nitesh Shilpkar

August 27, 2018

“The Domain Name System or DNS is one of the most fundamental parts of the Internet”, says Nitesh Shipkar. “It is crucial for a billion of users daily to help us build presence on the internet using names humans can understand rather than IP addresses. However, DNS comes with security issues organizations should be aware […]

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ROOTS 2018 Call for Papers – Deadline extended

August 27, 2018

ROOTS‘ deadline for abstract submissions has been extended. The new deadline is the 17 September 2018. Authors will be notified by 30 September 2018. We need your camera-ready papers until 13 October 2018. Please spread the word. The Reversing and Offensive-Oriented Trends Symposium 2018 still accepts your research. We are looking forward to the results […]

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DeepSec and Tor Tickets – Update

August 24, 2018

We wrote about the German Tor operator relay organisation Zwiebelfreunde e.V. a while ago. They were raided on 20 June 2018 by the German police in five different locations. The police was investigating a German left-wing blog and was trying to find the author of articles published there. As many of you know, Tor exit […]

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DeepSec 2018 Conference “Smart is the new Cyber” – Preliminary Schedule published

August 17, 2018

The preliminary schedule for DeepSec 2018 has been published. It took us some time to select and review all submissions. We cracked the 100 submissions mark, thus we are pleased that you made it very difficult for us this year. The number of slots for presentations and workshops has been constant. The number of content […]

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New date, same Location: DeepINTEL 2018 has been moved

August 10, 2018

The DeepINTEL 2018 has been moved in time, not in space. DeepINTEL 2018 will take place on 28 November 2018. The day is the second day of trainings at DeepSec. DeepINTEL will be in parallel, and it will be for one day instead of the original two days. We had to moved because of organisational […]

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DeepSec Call for Papers Ended – Review Process – Melting Brains – Hard Facts

August 8, 2018

Year by year it is getting harder to review the growing numbers of submissions. Thanks a lot for your contribution! It’s always a pleasure to read what you sent us. We have started to review as soon as you submit, but given the heat and the sheer number of submissions, it will take a few […]

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