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Administrivia Update: Regulations, Ticket Shop, and DeepSec

May 29, 2020

Clear guidelines for events and conferences slowly emerge here in Austria. We have some news on how DeepSec, DeepINTEL, and ROOTS will look like in November. We will compile the set of regulations in a separate document and publish it on our web site. The constraints set by the authorities contain no show-stoppers for the […]

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Update and Reminder – DeepSec/DeepINTEL Call for Papers is still open

May 27, 2020

We have added another training to the schedule. Irene Michlin (IBM) will teach you about threat modelling and how to integrate threats into your software development life cycle. Further details will be published in our blog. Speaking of content – the call for papers for both DeepSec and DeepINTEL are still open. We are looking […]

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Administrivia for DeepSec, DeepINTEL, and trainings

May 13, 2020

We cleared some administrative obstacles in the past weeks. The conference hotel has confirmed that DeepSec and DeepINTEL can happen in November. Of course, we cannot look into the future, but technically everything is in place. We still don’t know how the regulations for events will look like, but we definitely plan to have a […]

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Communiqué de presse traduit: Les applis COVID-19 dévoilent leur logiciel pendant la crise

May 13, 2020

En novembre, la conférence sur la sécurité DeepSec mettra en lumière la mascarade des logiciels. On dit souvent, « il y a forcément une appli pour ça ! ». Cette formule toute faite est souvent prise à la légère, même en dehors du secteur informatique. La crise actuelle du COVID-19 a de nouveau désigné le […]

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Translated Article: Ten EU Countries already rely on decentralized Corona Virus Apps

May 12, 2020

Schon zehn EU-Staaten setzen auf dezentrale Coronavirus-Apps by Erich Moechel for Apple and Google also support the privacy-friendly, decentralized protocol DP-3T. Without technical support in the operating systems of these two groups, no app with Bluetooth tracing can deliver useful results. The decision by Austria and Switzerland to use a corona virus app with […]

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Translated Press Release: Covid-19 Apps show Software Development in Crisis

May 8, 2020

In November, the DeepSec security conference will highlight the software masquerade. In everyday language there is the saying “There’s an app for that!”. The phrase is often used as a joke, even outside the IT industry. The current Covid-19 crisis has once again addressed computer code as a universal solution to problems that are not […]

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Update on DeepSec / DeepINTEL / ROOTS 2020 with regards to Covid-19

May 2, 2020

Lacking time travel we have no way to know what will happen in November 2020. That’s not news to us. We closely follow the development of the current Covid-19 crisis, and we constantly evaluate our plans for DeepSec, DeepINTEL, and ROOTS 2020. Given the current state of affairs and the experiments in various countries (including […]

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First DeepSec 2020 Trainings confirmed

May 2, 2020

We haven’t been idle in the past weeks. The Austrian government is reducing the lock-down rules to see how normal business and private life can go on. We take this as an opportunity to announce the first three confirmed trainings for DeepSec 2020. The preliminary descriptions can be found on our schedule web site. Black […]

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