Press Release: Intensive Courses for crisis-proof Digitisation taking place in Vienna

Sanna/ August 28, 2020/ Conference, Press/ 0 comments

DeepSec security conference focuses thematically in depth on critical dangers for IT. As is well known, the digital world never sleeps. The last few months have shown that society and the economy are more dependent than ever on globally networked technology. The worldwide spread of SARS-CoV-2 has given telecommunications an enormous boost. The home office, already known before, teleconferencing systems and internet applications had to stand in for physical meetings and enable the exchange of information. As the use of these technologies increased sharply, security problems were of course discovered. Zoom is a prominent example. However, only the tip of the iceberg was analysed. Many vulnerabilities are still waiting to be discovered around the world. Anyone who demands more digitisation is actually talking about information security. Precisely for this reason, the DeepSec Security Conference

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DeepSec 2020 preliminary Schedule published

René Pfeiffer/ August 22, 2020/ Conference/ 0 comments

In Summer time slows down considerably. This has nothing to do with the theory of relativity. It’s just hot, people take some time off, and messaging latency significantly increases. In turn we have to speed up the reviews and come up with a selection. As always, this has been very hard. You sent us very high quality submissions. Thanks for making the selection process hard for us. 😍 The preliminary schedule is where it has always been in the past years. Please note that two trainings will be virtual trainings. All other trainings will be on-site unless we are forced to conduct them virtually as well. With COVID-19 being the Corona elephant in the room for all events all over the world, we created a document to address the health situation. DeepSec and DeepINTEL

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