Evaluating your CfP submissions for DeepSec 2010

René Pfeiffer/ July 31, 2011/ Administrivia

We’ve been busy attending the 1. Sicherheitspolitische Aufbauakademie des Bundesverbandes Sicherheitspolitik an Hochschulen in the past days, so we will not comment the submission for DeepSec 2011 immediately. Gathering from the summaries and descriptions so far we are every impressed. DeepSec 2011 will feature some serious talks and new content. Thanks for taking your time and considering to hold a talk at our conference!

We will need some time to sort through all submissions and rank them. We may come back to you for questions, but you will get a notice on the state of your submission as soon as possible. Stay tuned!

In case you want to submit a talk late, please drop it into our mailbox or use the Call for Papers manager. You will be ranked after the submission that we received in time.

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