Accounts receivable and payable

Mika/ April 1, 2013/ Administrivia, Legal

From now on all incoming and outgoing payments for DeepSec and DeepINTEL tickets, sponsor packages, speaker travel reimbursements, hotel, accommodation, catering, support for the community etc. will only be accepted resp. paid in Bitcoins.

As we do not trust electronic money transfers (hey, guys – we conduct a security conference!) the following rules will apply:

  • Tickets will only be sold only on-site. We will accept Bitcoins only in cash. Please have the exact amount available as we cannot give change.
  • Bitcoins for speaker travel reimbursements will be sent to the speaker’s home address with registered mail in a neutral envelope.
  • Payments for hotel, accommodation, sponsor packages and other goods and services will be transferred in a inconspicuous suitcase by a courier wearing dark sunglasses.

We made this decision because every year we have to handle many different currencies, have to calculate exchange rates and pay a huge amount of banking fees for international bank transfers. Our international branch in Cayman Islands (DeepIsland intl.) will handle all financial matters.

I hope you all understand our decision and will support us as every year.

This decision was made in Vienna, Austria on March 31st 2013 at 2:30 AM and is irrevocable.

Lynx and MiKa.

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