Administrivia: COVID-19 and Schedule Update

René Pfeiffer/ September 15, 2020/ Conference

Multiple traffic lights at a London roundabout (Westferry Road, Docklands), source: have been busy working on the schedule, the preparations for DeepSec/DeepINTEL, and our COVID-19 protection plan. As you may know, Austria has introduced a Corona „traffic light“ system to mark the spread of COVID-19 cases. We have added a section to our COVID-19 countermeasures describing what the traffic light colours mean. Since we rely on our own protection measures based on guidelines by health experts, DeepSec and DeepINTEL can happen unless a total lock-down is in place.

The schedule has some updates. We have added two new presentations. Denis Kolegov will dissect IPSec UDP, a custom undocumented VPN protocol. It lacks the cryptographic strength and perfect forward secrecy. The protocol has severe flaws which allows attackers to reconstruct the keys and decrypt the whole network traffic. In addition Paula de la Hoz will present way to target an attack by using specific hardware devices tailored to the victim. Spear phishing isn’t only done by email these days.

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