Schild "Regelmäßig lüften / ventilate regularly". Photographer: René Pfeiffer.The current travel warnings and COVID-19 statistics have an impact on the DeepSec 2020 conference. As we expected, travel is the major obstacle. This means that DeepSec 2020, ROOTS, and DeepINTEL will turn into a hybrid event. We will still be on-site at the conference hotel. Presentations will be on-site and available by our conference streaming platform in parallel. Speakers that cannot be in Vienna will stream their presentations. Everything will be live, and everyone attending physically and virtually can participate. Furthermore, we constantly update our COVID-19 health protection in order to keep you and everyone here in Vienna at the conference safe.

Two trainings are already virtually (right from the start). We are exploring which trainings can switch to a virtual mode and will update the schedule accordingly.

In case you are interested we have an offer. All conference and training tickets for 2020 can also be used in 2021, provided you haven’t attended in 2020. Tickets can only be used once, either in 2020 or 2021. We hope that this makes your planning a bit easier.