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René Pfeiffer/ May 13, 2020/ Administrivia, Conference

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We cleared some administrative obstacles in the past weeks. The conference hotel has confirmed that DeepSec and DeepINTEL can happen in November. Of course, we cannot look into the future, but technically everything is in place. We still don’t know how the regulations for events will look like, but we definitely plan to have a traditional conference in November. DeepSec and especially DeepINTEL cannot be moved easily into a virtual venue. We rely on face-to-face communication, having groups of people chat in our lounge areas, and random encounters in the foyer. One way or another we are convinced that this can happen. We will let you know about any changes, but we will carefully proceed.

In order to improve the way you can learn new things and practice your security skills we made some changes to the trainings. The call for trainings is still running. Some slots are already published. We decide on the remaining slots in May. Since not everyone wants or can be mobile in November, we will ask all trainers if the sessions can take place in a virtual form. This can be a mixed class with some people attending on site and some being present via the Internet. It can also be a fully virtual training session. We will provide some of the infrastructure needed (such as audio/video equipment at the training sessions). The schedule will hold all information on how you can participate.

The first confirmed fully virtual training will be Dawid Czagan’s Black Belt Pentesting / Bug Hunting Millionaire: Mastering Web Attacks with Full-Stack Exploitation session. Participation details will be provided to everyone attending after registration. This also means that Dawid’s workshop will be unaffected by any travel regulations, so bug hunting is a safe bet for you. 😉 As for the conference, we will keep you updated in case something changes.

Stay healthy, stay sane, and be cautious!

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