Administrivia Update: Regulations, Ticket Shop, and DeepSec

René Pfeiffer/ May 29, 2020/ Administrivia, Conference

Quill icon from The Noun Project. Source: guidelines for events and conferences slowly emerge here in Austria. We have some news on how DeepSec, DeepINTEL, and ROOTS will look like in November. We will compile the set of regulations in a separate document and publish it on our web site. The constraints set by the authorities contain no show-stoppers for the event and the trainings. We will carefully work out a concept which we will use in November for everything that is going on on site in Vienna. 😷 We have the full support of our conference hotel, and we are confident that we can increase health protection and decrease risks for everyone attending.

In addition we found some bug in the ticket shop system. The tickets for DeepINTEL, DeepSec conference / training, and ROOTS can be bought via the Pretix ticket portal. During creation of the ticket categories we used the REST API (with some Julia code 🤓), which in turn led to some funny behaviour in the web display. We fixed some bugs with the data sets, the style sheets, and the preloading mechanism. The ticket shop is online and ready for your bookings.

Please remember that we cannot make DeepSec or DeepINTEL happen if you book late. We can cope with the usual chaos during the preparation phase. However we have a hard time with late bookings, especially given the physically distanced start into 2020.

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