(Almost) (Pretty) Final ROOTS 2018 Schedule (last beta version) published!

René Pfeiffer/ November 21, 2018/ Administrivia, ROOTS

Science First! rat. © 2017 Florian StockerWe have rearranged the ROOTS 2018 schedule to its final form. You may have noticed that it is more condensed. We thought it would be easier to connect, to discuss, and to exchange ideas without the stretch over two days. Furthermore it is easier to have sessions with a specific focus when there is more unallocated time to use. ROOTS 2018 will get its own keynote presentation, too. We are currently sorting out the details.

You may wonder why there are so many empty slots. The reason is simple. ROOTS is an academic workshop. All presentations must be submitted formally correct. Then they are reviewed by the programme committee. The submitted content is graded according to the scientific methods used, research topic, evaluation of the results, the conclusion, and so on. After that there is a vote from members of the committee. All submissions which pass with a sufficient number of „accepted“ votes get, well, accepted. If the submitted research does not get enough supporters among the reviewers, then it is declined. There were some pretty interesting submissions among the ones that didn’t make it. So to all of you out there working in really interesting stuff: Please, please do it properly! Life is too short for reading the documentation of sloppy work. Make sure that yours is good. If you have doubts or like to get some feedback from the world of academic research, then do not hesitate to reach out to us. The ROOTS chair is happy to point you into the right direction. Time constraints do not allow for mentorship, but you don’t get anywhere if you don’t ask questions.

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