Apology – “Bad Things in Good Packages”

René Pfeiffer/ December 11, 2012/ Administrivia, Conference

We’re almost back to daily routine after having a wonderful DeepSec 2012. Given the feedback from speakers and attendees they loved the atmosphere at the conference and at the hotel. We are happy to hear about this and keep an open ear for further comments on your DeepSec experience.

However, things can go wrong and they often will. There’s no way around this as every organisation team will confirm. Most of the problems were dealt with by our own damage control teams at the conference. There’s one issue that we wish to discuss openly.

We received complaints via Twitter about the slides of the talk „Bad Things in Good Packages – Creative Exploit Delivery“ published by the speaker on Slideshare on 30 November 2012. The complaint was about the offensive portrayal of women. The DeepSec organisation team apologises for having offended its audience. The speaker is currently reviewing the slides to his talk and will put them online in a new version. In addition we will address the complaint during the post-procession of the video recording.

The DeepSec organisation team wishes to take advantage of this incident in order to continue the discussion with the voices of everyone. We are a full disclosure conference, so we support any IT security related content. At the same time we intend to educate everyone who is a part of future DeepSec events to respect our audience.

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  1. Seriously ?

    AFAIAC unless the models in those pictures were held at gunpoint to take them, they choose to pose like that. And given the demographics of the target audience, I would say they’re pretty well chosen to add a touch of humor in a fairly technical talk. If people can’t see it like that, I’m sorry for them but I still fail to see why the author or the conf organizer should have to apologize for it.

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