Booking Tickets for DeepSec 2012

René Pfeiffer/ September 27, 2012/ Administrivia

Regulars already know this. We use a ticket shop system for all tickets to DeepSec 2012 that can be booked online for both the conference and the workshops. We received some reports of failed bookings with various payment options, and we already informed the company responsible for the shop system. In case you encounter any errors, please report them to us via e-mail. The most important information is the time and date of your attempt (you know, logs and all that). Once we get this information we will try to figure out what the problem may be. We can also invoice you directly, but you have to tell us.

Speaking of tickets, please make sure you book early. This is especially true for the trainings since some workshops are already close to being sold out. Just making sure you get the training you wish for.

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