Breaking News: DeepSec preliminary Schedule available, some Reviews still continue, all Hardware & Software is still not completely safe to use

René Pfeiffer/ August 20, 2021/ Conference, Schedule

Wiener Backhendl, Source:,_Schweizerhaus,_Prater,_Wien.JPGWe confess. Our review cycle was interrupted by a week of holiday. Our team takes turns before the fourth wave breaks. We will keep watching the regulations for travel and our conference hotel. This being said, the schedule for DeepSec 2021 is ready and is published on our web site. 🥳 The contributions from our speakers and trainers look very promising. We tried to select the submissions according to a mix of technical details, academic research, ways to improve your defence, and details of attack techniques which might be deployed against your organisation.

The trainings cover a wide range of topics from attacks on modern desktops app, fallacies of mobile networks, penetration testing of industrial control systems, breaking single sign-on systems, and dealing with threats and defence. We hope to offer you in-depth knowledge for your daily defence (or offence 🤓). Please make sure that you book as early as possible. We need to get the training sessions organised, and your support helps a lot. Some of the training are virtual by default. This facilitates planning in case travel or presence here in Vienna is affected by current events regarding health protection measures.

🎟 Tickets can be ordered online via our ticket shop. Details about every single presentation and training will be featured in upcoming blog articles. Stay sane, stay healthy, and keep improving IT security! 👈

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