BSidesLondon 2016 – Rookie Track Edition

The Security BSides London 2016 is coming up. Next month you will have the chance to see presentations all around topics in information security. The schedule will be published soon. Gathering from the talks of past events you will not be disappointed. We will be present to watch over the Rookie Track. Young talents in terms of presentation experience will tell you about selected subjects covering security issues on software, administration, policies, hardware, or social interaction.

The Rookie Track is unique among InfoSec events. It is a stage where the presenters can tell their ideas to an audience. They are supported by mentors who guide the content and the presenter from idea to the 15 minutes on stage. The Rookie Track was born out of the fact that a lot of people in information technology have great ideas, but few dare to step on stage and to tell the world about it. It is an example how to gain hacking skills for presenting your ideas to like-minded brains is a crucial part of hacking. To give you an idea how good the content is, have a look at past Rookie Tracks published by the BSides London staff.

We will be present at the Rookie Track and pick a winner. The Best Rookie presenter gets a ticket to DeepSec 2016. Hope to see you  in London!

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