BSidesLondon 2018 Rookie Track Follow-Up

René Pfeiffer/ June 8, 2018/ Conference, Discussion, High Entropy

We would like to share some impressions about the BSidesLondon 2018 Rookie Track presentations. It gets hard and harder to tell which one of the talks is the best. And picking a winner is not the right approach. We do this, because we can only invite one person to DeepSec, and because the intention is to have a motivation to work hard on the presentation. From what we have seen, we were quite impressed. The quality has much improved, also thanks to the tireless efforts of the mentors (if you see someone with a mentor badge, please buy them a drink!). Apart from the 15 minute time slot some talks were hard to distinguish from their bigger cousins in the main tracks. The topics were well-chosen. The mix was great. Every single rookie did their best, and it showed.

We will support the Rookie Track in 2019 again. So if you have something on your mind, don’t stop thinking about it. Look for a mentor, make notes, see how others present their knowledge. We love to see your submission!

Speaking of 2019, please think of the BSidesLondon crew and fill out the feedback form! It’s always nice to know what went well, what needs to be improved, and what your ideas for the future are. Feedback loops make the world go around, literally.

Speaking of submitting a talk, the DeepSec Call for Papers is still open. We have a U21 category for young talents. It’s not exactly a rookie talk slot, because you get the big stage. It’s worth it, and if you submit, we will help you with preparing your presentation.Source:

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