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René Pfeiffer/ April 5, 2011/ Administrivia, Conference

In the wake of the 23rd annual FIRST conference there will be a B-Sides Vienna event together with the NinjaCon 11, 3rd edition. The B-Sides Vienna will be on June 18th, as will be the NinjaCon 11. The Call For Papers is now open and we ask you to submit your material!

At B-Sides Vienna aka NinjaCon 11, we’re looking forward to see a selection of trainings, hands-on workshops, 50-minute presetations and 15-minute lightning talks. As we understand ourselves as an open, international event, the official conference language for all talks, trainings and workshops (as well as submitted abstracts), as always, is English. Topics of interest include (but are in no way limited to) the following: Information technology, network security, web application security, virtualisation and cloud computing, innovative attack strategies, forensics, embedded devices, physical security and lock picking, biometrics, hardware hacking, phone phreaking, biohacking, open source software, evolutionary computing, robotics, massive abuse of technology.

To apply, please use the submission form on the B-Sides Vienna web site. In case you are wondering why the Security B-Sides Vienna and the NinjaCon 11 have merged, here’s the explanation:

As part of the organizing team is leaving Vienna for good this summer, NinjaCon will no longer be taking place in Austria, but instead Germany’s capital after this year. However, to ensure the Viennese community still has an event to gather at and discuss the most interesting topics in IT security, hacking and hardware, NinjaCon 11 was merged into Vienna’s upcoming NEXT BIG THING event: namely the Security B-Sides Vienna.

Now you know. And if you are wondering why this information is on the DeepSec blog, well, we support the Security B-Sides Vienna, and we hope to see some of you in Summer. We also encourage you to have a look at the FIRST conference and watch out for our own CfP, which we are working on feverishly.

Happy hacking!

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