What to expect from DeepINTEL

Mika/ May 31, 2012/ Conference, Security Intelligence

Preliminary schedule soon (CFP is still open) DeepINTEL will be a conference about security intelligence on September 3rd and 4th 2012 in the heart of Europe. We have prepared this project for a long time and we were monitoring the security intelligence landscape for quite a while. During the last year we had many chances to discuss different approaches and talk to many people involved in security intelligence, either on the provider, research or customer side. Our vision is now clear and here are some details which might have been covered here and here or which might be new: Our understanding of security intelligence We know quite well that security intelligence isn’t defined very clearly. Methods and tools differ as wildly as expectations and goals do. We find almost as many approaches as we

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Five Million, quick and easy!

Mika/ February 19, 2012/ High Entropy, Odd, Security Intelligence

A good friend and former colleague of mine asked me recently, whether I could give him a tip how to make 5M quick and easy. My answer was “Nothing I could think of which doesn’t involve a lot of nasty things and imply a long stay in jail”. But that’s not what I wanted to discuss here, although it’s somehow related: We had a couple of talks at the DeepSec which shed a little light on the underground economy and I also started to take some dives into the “Deepnet” to get acquainted with jargon, topics, trends and so on. Btw: NO, no details on this: not what I have visited, not when or how I registered there, I don’t wanna get doxed (1), these guys can get nasty and we don’t need another

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DeepINTEL 2012 – Security Intelligence Call for Papers

René Pfeiffer/ February 17, 2012/ Administrivia, Security Intelligence

We already gave some hints on our security intelligence event we are planning for end of Summer. We now have a date and a venue: DeepINTEL will be held on September 3rd and 4th near Salzburg in Austria. This single track two day event addresses mainly critical infrastructure, state organizations (administrative and law enforcement), accredited CERTs, finance organizations and trusted parties and organizations with a strong relation or partnership to the aforementioned. Due to the sensitive topics and the nature of the participants and speakers we will have a vetting process for participants. We’d like to know our audience, so that we all can talk freely and openly during the event. If you have questions on this, please contact us directly via deepsec@deepsec.net or the contact information given on our web site. Here is

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DeepINTEL: Security Intelligence Event in Late Summer 2012

Mika/ January 20, 2012/ Conference, Internet, Security Intelligence

We are currently finalizing our new event in Summer 2012, focusing on Security Intelligence. Security Intelligence is one the newest disciplines in the IT security zoo and not yet fully defined (e.g. there is no Wikipedia article or rich bibliography of works dealing with the topic). We have been monitoring the Security Intelligence scene now for more than 3 years and found many different approaches, ranging from standard security advisories and alerts to deep insight into the current threat landscape. While some organizations (mostly network equipment vendors) seem to view Security Intelligence just as a new buzz-word for marketing others do a more thorough job: Especially software and anti-virus vendors like Microsoft, McAfee, IBM, Symantec and some ISPs like Verizon and AT&T provide valuable intelligence to the community. Also voluntary groups, free-of-charge spin-offs from

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