CfP for DeepSec 2013 is still open! Send us (your?) security nightmares!

René Pfeiffer/ June 22, 2013/ Administrivia, Conference

Hello to all you late birds! The Call for Papers for DeepSec 2013 is still open! We are eagerly waiting for your workshops and talks! Don’t tell us that the world has become a safe place and there’s nothing out there that can’t be broken or is broken by design – We won’t believe you.

In case you have forgotten, the motto for DeepSec 2013 is „Secrets, Failures, and Visions!“. We came up with this idea in December 2012, long before the headlines of this month. Everyone has secrets to protect. Failures are more common than you might think. Visions is what we need in the future to tackle the problems of today. All of these concepts touch the topics usually discussed at (IT) security conferences. It doesn’t matter if you have to deal with infrastructure, try to master the Internet as a whole, develop software, herd cats, fix things or discover new security nightmares. The „cloud“ has clearly taken a serious beating in terms of trust. „Cyber cyber cyber“ (the term for „Cyberwar“) is still rampant, lively kicking and screaming for various reasons. Digital espionage is the new digital armageddon — and everyone’s doing it either openly or covertly.

So, let’s hear your side of the story and tell some Ghost stories on the stage at DeepSec 2013. Please submit them first, so we can review the nightmares.

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