Changes to the DeepSec 2013 Schedule – two new Talks

René Pfeiffer/ October 10, 2013/ Administrivia, Conference

We had to change the schedule for the DeepSec 2013 conference slightly. Unfortunately two talks were cancelled, because the speakers could not confirm their presence. We are sorry to hear that, but every one of us know Real Life Interference™ can bust the best of plans.

We have replaced the talk slots with submissions by other speakers. We will hear about Uncovering your trails – Privacy issues of Bluetooth Devices by Verónica Valeros & Garcia Sebastian. Bluetooth capabilities are pretty widespread and can be found in devices all over the world – and your workplace, of course. To quote Sheldon Cooper: „Everything is better with Bluetooth.“ And so is attacking devices and leaking information about users and devices.

The second talk is pending a description and will be announced in short on our Twitter feed and in length on our blog (which you are probably reading at this very moment).

Thank you for your attention! And now, we will return to your regular security issues.

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