DeepINTEL 2012 Review Articles

René Pfeiffer/ September 16, 2012/ Conference, Security Intelligence

The first DeepINTEL was very successful, and we enjoyed the presentations given and the many discussion that followed. While we will not disclose details or publish the slides of the talks, we would like to point you to reviews others have written.

We definitely have some more ideas of how to tackle big data, how to identify and defend (in this order) digital assets, what „Cyberwar“ looks like, how to deal with threats and how to aquire information for analysing who’s after your data. Some of the topics with be described in more detail on our blog. For everyone who could not attend DeepINTEL: We are planning to stage the next DeepINTEL seminar in Summer 2013.

Thanks for all speakers and attendees of DeepINTEL 2012 for their help and input!

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