DeepINTEL 2018 Security Intelligence Event – Preliminary Schedule is available

René Pfeiffer/ November 3, 2018/ Conference, DeepIntel

Common raven. Source: Zion National Park, took us longer than anticipated, but the schedule for DeepINTEL 2018 is final and available. The topics covered are ICT risk assessment in interconnected and complex environments, drone threats (to critical infrastructure), drone countermeasures, assessment of digital black markets (you can call them darkweb/crypto markets if you must), live threats to the information industry (based on finding and working with reliable sources in the field), framing HUMINT as an information gathering technique, and how to get started in modern cyber threat intelligence. The speakers will bring in-depth examples from their field of expertise. Given the format of DeepINTEL, the presentation are meant to turn into dialogues where you can directly ask questions and hopefully get answers helping you to understand how to detect and counter threats, and how to collect meaningful data for intelligence purposes. The idea is to discuss realistic scenarios, real events, and practices found in existing organisations and companies. Finding needles in haystacks is easy in times of Big Data and almost endless computing power. Security intelligence is all about finding the right needle in your haystacks. This requires more than algorithms and systems producing sensor data. You need the experience, and our invited speakers have them.

Since DeepINTEL is a closed event we kindly ask you to get into contact with us via email. We will in turn send you the schedule. Public keys for encrypted emails are published, don’t forget to send us your key for answers. Early birds and interested parties will be offered a discount code from our sponsor Digital Guardian. Don’t waste any time! Write us!

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