DeepINTEL Schedule Update: New Talk – “Advanced Security through Network Intelligence”

René Pfeiffer/ August 30, 2013/ Administrivia, Conference, Security Intelligence

Due to personal reasons one of our DeepINTEL speakers had to unfortunately cancel his appearance. Therefore we present a new talk held by Caroline Krohn. The title is “Advanced Security through Network Intelligence”.

„Network Intelligence“ is the sum of findings extracted from people’s activities in the internet. Information related to people can be either, restricted and protected by any kind of encryption, or public and available to everybody. Nowadays, it is almost sufficient to collect data from open sources to put together a precise profile on a person of interest. Transparency does not only occur through own postings on so-called social networks, such as Facebook, Xing, LinkedIn, Twitter. Third party mentions and pictures other people post and tag, etc. also help following people’s activities outside the internet. Even the decision not to appear on any social platform can be regarded as a statement. Therefore, data collection is not a challenge anymore. More of an issue is data analysis and interpretation. Too much data has a similar effect on judgements as too little information: the lack of orientation remains and the right questions need to be asked in order to get the right answers. However, too much data might lead to the illusion to have enough information for a judgement. Therefore, opinion building is at risk as facts might not be as firm as they appear. Therefore, „Advanced Security“ as a goal of network intelligence might be achieved only under certain circumstances. Checks & Balances remain indispensable – perhaps even more than ever.

We are looking forward to discuss her contribution and how you approach network intelligence at DeepINTEL. Please note that it is not too late too book your ticket. If you plan to attend DeepINTEL, please contact us.

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