DeepINTEL Schedule updated – Psychology and Power Grids

René Pfeiffer/ July 27, 2017/ Administrivia, Conference

We have updated the schedule for DeepINTEL 2017. The human mind and power grids are both critical infrastructure. Both can be manipulated and switched off, arguably. And most of us use both every day. So this is why we added two more presentations to the schedule.

Stefan Schumacher of the Magdeburg Institute for Security Research talks about Manipulating Human Memory for Fun and Profit. Since memory is crucial for forensics, you should spent some thoughts on this matter. Your brain doesn’t cope well with cryptographically signed timestamps or hashes. Since you need to understand all aspects of the environment, the human psychology is part of every „cyber“ strategy – before and after incidents.

Mathias Dalheimer’s presentation is titled The Power Grid is vulnerable – and it’s really hard to fix this. Anyone familiar with physics won’t be surprised. However the modern power grid is also connected to networks which make things a lot more interesting. The attack vectors keep growing: renewable energy, IoT devices, and electric vehicles have been added to the equation. The talk will dive deep into how our power supply can fail and will most definitely be attacked. Real attacks that have happened in the past will also be discussed.

Make sure to get your ticket to DeepINTEL to join the discussion. Bring electric power and a spare brain!

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