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René Pfeiffer/ April 28, 2017/ Administrivia, Conference

The Easter break is over. We didn’t sleep (much), and we did not look for Easter eggs in software either. Instead we did a bit of work behind the scenes. DeepSec 2017 will have some more content due to the co-hosted ROOTs workshop. The full call for papers will be ready on 1 May 2017. We will publish the text here on this blog, and email it to interested researchers. In the meantime the DeepSec 2017 Call for Papers is waiting patiently for your submission.

In case you haven’t noticed, the DeepSec and DeepINTEL ticket shops are online. Please book your ticket as early as possible! Every year so far we had some people at our conference who were very sad because their favourite training was not available. If you book early you’ll help us to secure your favourite training. Instant messaging is a lot easier than the instant transport of a trainer halfway across Europe or the globe. We will inform you about the training submissions in advance, so that you can plan your education for the fourth quarter.

The preliminary schedule for DeepINTEL is ready. We will send it to interested parties via email and publish a shorter version on the DeepINTEL web site. Threat intelligence is as important as ever. We have some interesting topics for you.

Looking forward to see you in September and in November in Vienna!

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