DeepSec 2012 Talk: The Vienna Programme – A Global Strategy for Cyber Security

René Pfeiffer/ October 5, 2012/ Conference

In case you ever felt frustrated by the countless ways digital systems can fail, you should consider listening to Stefan Schumacher‘s talk about a global strategy for cyber security. It’s not about silver bullets or throwing rings into volcanoes, it’s meant as a roadmap leading to an improved security level in our digital landscape.

Information technology and therefore IT security play a bigger role in everyday life than 20 years ago. However, even since IT security becomes more and more important, yet we are still discussion the same
old problems: rootkits, viruses and even buffer overflows. Unfortunately, IT security  still revolves about the same problems as it did 20-30 years ago. Instead of fighting the same battles again and again we have to take a look at the strategic level to coordinate efforts. This requires cooperation of hackers, security researchers, politicians and cooperation alike.

The Global Cyber Defence Initiative (GCDI) is a think tank that tries to coordinate the research and work towards a more secure IT worldwide. We use the organizational model of Open Source Development and try to offer an open platform for security research and discussion.

The Vienna Programme is a first draft for an coordinated effort and interdisciplinary research programme towards better IT security. This means that your input is desirable. The GCDI is an interdisciplinary effort, and it strongly depends on your input. We are looking forward to start a discussion and to kick-start the project into existence.

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