DeepSec 2012 Training: SAP Security In-Depth

René Pfeiffer/ November 2, 2012/ Security, Training

Your SAP installation is probably the most critical system in your company’s infrastructure. At the same time the informations accessed and processed by SAP systems origin from many sources. Securing infrastructure with this complexity is not an easy task, and testing your security measures requires a great deal of knowledge and training. In addition your will probably run web services talking to your SAP system – which is quite handy for attackers. In case you are short on knowledge about your own SAP deployment, there’s help. There will be an SAP security workshop at DeepSec 2012!

The SAP Security In-Depth training will show you how to find out if your SAP infrastructure is secured. Knowing about segregation of duties and securing roles and profiles is fine in theory, but you have to make sure that you run a tight ship. The workshop will prepare you for evaluating the security of your SAP landscape and provide you with the means to understand risks and how to mitigate them. It’s a hands-on training, so you will get to see the tools and techniques in action right in front of you.

The workshop is intended for everyone dealing with SAP installations and their components.

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