DeepSec 2012 Workshop: Malware Forensics and Incident Response Education (MFIRE)

René Pfeiffer/ September 24, 2012/ Conference, Training

Malicious software is the major tool for attackers. It is used to deliver the payload so that compromised systems can be exploited and secured for executing further tasks by your adversaries. Getting to now this malicious software and finding traces of the breach is very important for dealing with a security event. Proper incident response must be part of every state-of-the-art defence strategy. So this is why we offer the Malware Forensics and Incident Response Education (MFIRE) training at DeepSec 2012. Ismael Valenzuela will be your teacher for this course.

The workshop is a proactive weapon to help you normalize your environment after a negative event has occurred. Your opponents have increasingly sophisticated tools and backdoor programs at their disposal to steal your intellectual property and expose sensitive information – all with the ability to cover their tracks by using malware. IT professionals charged with protecting the environment can be overwhelmed, causing attacks to be ignored or mistakenly diagnosed as a system or network problem. During this workshop we provide you with the techniques to identify, respond to, and recover from malware incidents. Malcontent and security holes exist in alarming numbers, and as a result the possible compromises on your network and applications are an unfortunate fact of corporate life. A total network-security plan includes the capability to resolve incidents after they occur. This comprehensive, technically detailed course enables you to successfully respond to malware incidents and reinforces your security posture.

By attending the training you will obtain a study of the incident response process related to malware. You will learn how to respond to malware incidents. While in the security lab, you will learn to apply this knowledge in practice. With Ismael’s expert instruction, you will learn step-by-step incident response procedures & forensic techniques used for malware infections and outbreaks.

Ismael is very experienced vulnerability assessment and network penetration testing. has performed numerous security assessments and penetration tests across multiple industries. He has extensive experience in combining highly technical assessments with governance, risk and compliance driven audits and have implemented successfully ISO 27001 in numerous organizations Risk Assessment and Policy Development. He has over 11 years of experience performing Information Security and Risk Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security Architecture Reviews, Web Application Penetration Testing, Host Configuration Reviews, Policy Development, Traffic Analysis, Incident Response and Digital Forensics. In addition Ismael has taught several classes on Intrusion Detection, Perimeter Protection and Computer Forensics for the Spanish National Center of Intelligence, Private Sector, and at various SANS Community Events.

You can book this workshop via the registration page for DeepSec 2012.

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