DeepSec 2012 Workshop: Strategic Thinking and Assessing Risk

René Pfeiffer/ September 24, 2012/ Conference, Training

We have begun to address the increasing demand for strategic thinking by staging the first DeepINTEL event in 2012. Since we strongly believe in the importance of the „big picture“, we offer a workshop on strategic thinking and assessing risk at DeepSec 2012, too. The training will be conducted by Richard Hanson, who has a broad understanding of security concepts and best practices through both formal education and client experience. He will guide you through the two-day workshop.

The training will equip you with the knowledge and tools to be able to think strategically though understanding what is important to a business and assess its risks. It will teach you techniques to conduct risks assessments and to prioritize the outcomes in a strategic roadmap. It’s not just theory. You will learn how to effectively conduct a risk assessment though interviews, documentation reviews, and site walks whilst identifying assets, vulnerabilities and threat vectors. While in the lab exercises, you will learn to apply this knowledge. We won’t let you escape! You will be guided through the process of a risk assessment, reviewing industry best techniques and frameworks such as OCTAVE, CoBiT, NIST and ISO27001.

If you belong to the following groups, you are strongly recommended to attend the workshop at DeepSec 2012:  Chief Information Security Officers, Chief Information Officers, Risk and Compliance Directors, Information Security Managers and Professionals, Corporate Security Personnel, Auditors, and Consultants responsible for assessing risk and strategic consulting.

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