DeepSec 2013 Keynote – “Cultural Learning Of China To Make Benefit Glorious Profession Of Infosec”

René Pfeiffer/ December 20, 2013/ Conference

Our video team gave us an early Christmas present, fresh from the rendering farm. The keynote of DeepSec 2013 by Wim Remes is already online. His keynote talk puts information security into a broader context. More often than not blaming China seems to be an easy way to “explain” digital attacks or to silence legitimate questions. Wim explores the cultural side and history in order to improve what we know about the context. Since the Internet is a global network information security experts need to broaden their horizon. For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong. Attacks, persistent or not, can become complex, and dealing with the attribution problem is definitely no easy task. We heard about it at past DeepSec conferences.

So enjoy Wim’s talk, have some rest, enjoy quiet moments, and don’t forget about submitting your ideas for DeepINTEL 2014! The Call for Papers is open!

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