DeepSec 2013 Video: Cracking And Analyzing Apple iCloud Protocols

René Pfeiffer/ January 17, 2014/ Conference

The „Cloud“ has been advertised as the magic bullet of data management. Basically you put all your precious eggs into one giant basket, give it to someone else, and access your data from everywhere – provided you have a decent Internet connection. Since someone else is now watching over your data, you do not always know what protocols and security measures are in place. Few „cloud“ solutions publish what they actually do. Apple’s iCloud system is no different. Vladimir Katalov (ElcomSoft Co. Ltd.) explained in his talk at DeepSec 2013 how the iCloud protocol works and how you can develop your own clients to access your own data in Apple’s „cloud“ infrastructure. His reverse-engineering work is based on publicly available information. Have a look!

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System administrator, lecturer, hacker, security consultant, technical writer and DeepSec organisation team member. Has done some particle physics, too. Prefers encrypted messages for the sake of admiring the mathematical algorithms at work.


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