DeepSec 2013 Video: From Misconceptions To Failure – Security And Privacy In The US Cloud Computing FedRAMP Program

René Pfeiffer/ February 18, 2014/ Conference, Security

The „Cloud“ is the Fiddler’s Green of information technology. It’s a perpetual paradise built high above the ground where mortal servers and software dwell. Everyone strives to move there eventually, because once you are in digital paradise, then all your sorrows end. So much for the theory. The reality check tell a different story. This is why we invited Mikhail A. Utin (Rubos, Inc.) to DeepSec 2013. He presented an in-depth analysis of the US government’s FedRAMP programme.

„…However, regardless of numerous concerns expressed by information security professionals over CC services, US government developed the FedRAMP program and got funding for moving all federal information systems into a “cloud”. As we identified, all “cloud” misconceptions have successfully made it into FedRAMP documents. What should we expect from such a large scale experiment? What will be the result of the “cloudization” – wasting tax payers’ money and a few people getting some political gain capitalizing on public inability to distinguish between new technology and technological opportunism? Or will it be the next technological step forward advancing our ability to move and process data wherever we want?…“

We recommend his presentation to anyone dealing with „Cloud“ Computing services, regardless if for personal, business or government reasons.

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