DeepSec 2013 Video: Risk Assessment For External Vendors

René Pfeiffer/ February 19, 2014/ Conference

CIOs don’t like words like „third party“ and „external vendor“. Essentially this means „we have to exchange data and possibly code with organisation that handle security differently“. Since all attackers go for the seams between objects, this is where you have to be very careful. The fun really starts once you have to deal with confidential or regulated data. So how do you cope with doing this and still keeping an eye open for risk, compliance, and efficiency? Good question.

At DeepSec 2013 Luciano Ferrari (Kimberly-Clark Corporation) addressed these issues in his presentation. He has developed a process that deals with global Risk Assessment and increases the trust in and the security of your data. However: Data security can only be achieved if all units of an organization cooperate – and with a change in culture. We recommend listening to his talk in order for you to get a summary of steps to get your organization on track.

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