DeepSec 2013 Workshop: Secure your Business by Business Continuity Plans

René Pfeiffer/ September 23, 2013/ Conference, Training

Quite a lot of companies stay in business, because they operate continuously and reliably. Few have the luxury to close shop for an extended period of time. If you do, then you are either fabulously successful or in deep trouble. Regardless of what you have in mind for your enterprise you should think of implementing a business continuity plan (BCP) sooner or later. Since designing and implementing a BCP is no piece of cake, we offer you a one day training at DeepSec 2013 where you can get started.

The workshop will be conducted by Michel Wolodimiroff, who has over 25 years of experience in dealing with information technology. He will walk you through all bad dreams  of failing infrastructure, data loss, compromised systems, and worse catastrophes you might not even have thought of. Speaking of information security: a „simple“ breach by an attacker can put you out of business. There are various ways of incident response (you can look up the historical document by CERT or consider checking with your OS vendor). All strategies have something in common: Recovering takes a lot of time, especially if you want to restore your resources to a clean state. Therefore it’s best to deal with the consequences in advance. Having a fire escape is nice, but you need to know what to do after exiting the building. The same is true for incidents affecting your business operations.

During the course of the training you will learn what a business continuity plan is, how to distinguish it from a disaster recovery plan, why you need it, and how to start creating a BCP and DRP for your own organisation. Mr Wolodimiroff will walk you through case studies covering small, medium and larger enterprises to enable all attendees to design and implement a plan for their worst case scenarios. The target audience are specialists and non-specialists alike. When disaster strikes, it doesn’t care what your skills are.

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