DeepSec 2014 Opening – Would you like to know more?

René Pfeiffer/ November 20, 2014/ Conference, High Entropy

DeepSec 2014 is open. Right now we start the two tracks with all the presentations found in our schedule. It was hard to find a selection, because we received a lot of submissions with top quality content. We hope that the talks you attend give you some new perspectives, fresh information, and new ideas how to protect your data better.

Every DeepSec has its own motto. For 2014 we settled for a quote from the science-fiction film Starship Troopers. The question Would you like to know more? is found in the news sections portrayed in the film. It captures the need to know about vulnerabilities and how to mitigate their impact on your data and infrastructure. Of course, we want to know more! This is why we gather at conferences and talk to each other. We are especially proud to welcome friends and projects that attended DeepSec in the past and return with the results of lively discussions.

Of course, we could also have selected the only good bug is a dead bug for this year’s conference, but we believe this motto should be every day’s motto.

Enjoy DeepSec 2014!

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