DeepSec 2015 Talk: Visualizing Wi-Fi Packets the Hacker’s Way – Milan Gabor

Sanna/ October 2, 2015/ Conference, Internet

Silent service was the name many submarine services gave themselves. U-boats have the habit of hiding, usually in large bodies of water. How Not To Be Seen remains the prime directive of attackers throughout the age. For the submarines this changed with the introduction of ASDIC and SONAR. You know these technologies from the acoustic sounds of the ping. In the air one often uses radar instead. What do you use for the defence of your wireless networks? At DeepSec 2015 Milan Gabor will show you his idea of Wi-Fi radar, so your IT security admins can become air traffic controllers.

Imagine you could see more than console windows from aircrack-ng tools provide. Imagine you could have quick dashboards and deep into more details in short amount of time. And this without writing a single line of code. Come and see how this magic happens.

Today visualizing Wi-Fi traffic is more or less limited to console windows and analyze different logs from an aircrack-ng toolset. There are some commercial tools, but if we want to stay in the Open Source area we need to find better solutions. So we used ELK stack to gather, hold, index and visualize data and a modified version of an airodump tool for input. With this you can create amazing dashboards, correlate some interesting data and do some deep digging for Wi-Fi packets. It gives hackers and also administrators a quick view into Wi-Fi space and offers a range of new possibilities to get interesting data really fast.
One half of the talk will be dedicated to a presentation of how this can be done, telling you about some issues that we had and solutions to them, while the rest of the talk will be demonstrating the true power of our research.

Sounds neat, eh? Give it a try. You really should, since you very definitely use Wi-Fi network(s) in your organisation. Trust us, we know. So attend Milan’s presentation, and discover the U-boats lying in wait all around you!

gabor_milanMilan Gabor is a Founder and CEO of Viris, Slovenian company specialized in information security. He is security professional, pen-tester and researcher. He presented at various events at different security conferences around the World. He also does ethical hacking trainings. He is always on a hunt for new and uncovered things and he really loves and enjoys his job and dreams about parachute jumping.

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