DeepSec 2015 Videos are being published!

René Pfeiffer/ January 20, 2016/ Administrivia, Conference

As you may have noticed, we have sorted out the problems with the DeepSec 2015 recordings. Handling heavy multimedia files isn’t for the faint of heart – especially if one forgets to turn off the Twitter notifications while uploading broken video files. We have fixed this. Apparently the new uploader code took us (and our browser settings) by surprise. Now everything is whitelisted sorted out. The show can go on!

We will accompany most videos with a short blog posting to put the content into perspective. Due to many publications in December it’s good to connect the dots. The Big Picture beats Big Data every time.

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About René Pfeiffer

System administrator, lecturer, hacker, security consultant, technical writer and DeepSec organisation team member. Has done some particle physics, too. Prefers encrypted messages for the sake of admiring the mathematical algorithms at work.


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